Sam Dorman

The Man

Sometimes it’s hard to separate the two – the man vs. the athlete – but I do find it important to step off the diving board to discover what may come next. Someone once asked me the dreaded “what would you be doing if you weren’t an athlete?” question. I will always be an athlete; always have been, always will be. Sports will be a part of my life no matter where life takes me next. I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Miami, but I think I was more attracted to the water than the textbook. Growing up in the hot Arizona desert, the change of scenery and access to the beach was a nice change. I quickly became drawn to the waters of the Bahamas and would probably be spearfishing, living on a boat, and catching my food if diving hadn’t taken precedence. Perhaps life will take me there when I retire. In the meantime, I’m still an adrenaline seeker. I wonder if the CIA or FBI will have an opening for a retired Olympic diver in a few years? Beyond that, I do hope to have a family. Growing up I loved having a brother, so a family, with kids, and Hank is in the future. Oh, and of course that gold medal – Tokyo 2020.